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The project methodology has been formulated based on previous experiences of both EU and Philippines HEIs. Capacity building through the linked and complementary actions of observation, training, planning and validation is a tried and tested formula of the applicant institution, which will be rolled out in this initiative in Philippines. The activities and outputs can be summarised as follows, related to relative outcomes:

Outcome 1. Reform Need Analysis & Institutional Building. These activities will serve as an introduction to the overall project objectives and provide opportunities to assess the main barriers for internationalization:

  • Activity 1.1. Analysis of barriers for credit recognition and international mobility of students & academic staff/Int.research
  • Activity 1.2. Observation session for Top-Management level Staff
  • Activity 1.3. Observation session for IRO Staff level

Outcome 2. Promoting HEIs governance reforms. These activities are concerned with building the srtuctural and institutional capacity to embed and implement the knowledge garnered in Outcomes 1:

  • Activity 2.1. Organising 2 National Round Tables to frame national dialogue.
  • Activity 2.2. Drafting "IRO Management Guide in the Philippines”, 400usb.
  • Activity 2.3. Designing/Improving Internationalisation plans.
  • Activity 2.4. Drafting of a “Policy Roadmap for the implementation of strategies on the internationalisation of Philippines HEIs"

Outcome 3. Capacity Building through training. These activities will serve to provide tailor-made training initiatives in fields relevant to the Philippines HEIs, and provide opportunities for discussion. Philippines HEIs will also be invited to present success stories and case studies to learn from other institutions operating in the same country / context:

  • Activity 3.1. Development of workshop materials based on activities 1.1., 1.2 & 1.3.
  • Activity 3.2. Workshops implementation, 6 Modules developed and delivered to 10 Philippines HEIs. Replication of Workshops at a National Level.

Outcome 4. Networking and Sustainability. These activities will provide formalised structures to continue the project work beyond the life of the project and create a forum for further learning and experience sharing in the country.

  • Activities 4.1 and 4.2. (Internationalisation Network set-up and Sustainability: Drafting the Network´s Business Plan) will focus on creating and providing sustainability of the first Internationalisation of HE Network in the Philippines.
  • Activity 4.3. It will focus on raising awareness of the benefits of internationalisation at a national level.
  • Activity 4.4. Participation of the network in international higher education events.