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Jul 15, 2019

The First National Round Table will be host by De La Salle University on the 15th and 16th of July. 

The National Round table is part of the activities from the WP2 “Promoting HEIs governance reforms” of the ANTENA project. WP2 will produce the most noticeable results that will contribute to the reform on Internationalisation of Higher Education in the Philippines at institutional and national level:

  • ANTENA partners will draft an “IRO Management Guide for Philippines HEIs” that willcontribute to the harmonisation of internationalisation practices;

  • ANTENA HEIs will design or improve their internationalisation plans.

The participants to the First National Round Table are part from the International Relations top management staff from the consortium and from the panel of experts from the CHED Commission on internationalisation as stipulated in Art.IX on the implementation mechanism.

The Round Table 1 aims to prepare the “IRO Management Guide for Philippines HEIs” 2.2 & the “Internationalisation Strategic Plans” 2.3 and to launch the project in the Philippines.

The topics of working groups for the First National Round Table have been selected in accordance with the ANTENA general project objective: to increase the academic quality and research of universities in the Philippines through the development of internationalisation capacities. 

De La Salle University - Philippines