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Jul 18, 2022

From July 11th to 15th, , 2022, ANTENA organised this workshop and national conference in Baguio City, Philippines, which was a continuation of the online training delivered in January 16th, 2022, complementing it with a practical application. 

The event focused on how to put internationalisation into practice through the combination of physical and virtual mobility and I@H. The main goals were to understand the expectations of the project in its efforts towards internationalisation of Higher Education in the Philippines and how to deliver it.

For this, there was active participation and sharing of experiences among Philippine participants in all group sessions organised to this effect.

The Workshop on Internationalisation vs Globalisation focused on the training for partners divided into three group activities on presenting what each partner institution can offer to different kind of visitors, understanding the needs of the project’s goals and ensuring satisfaction once internationalisation measures are carried out, as well as building a credible value proposition for internationalisation.

Moreover, regarding the Workshop on models and service development of International Relations Offices and International Networking and Opportunities, the first topic was dedicated to how institutions can set their service in line with their strategic plan and international objectives. There were also examples on how IRO services can be more efficient with what the institution wishes to achieve, e.g. more mobility, more external contacts, both at central and faculty levels.  

The workshop also gave room for partners to learn how to manage an international office in line with their international strategy, how to structure an IRO, as well as how to put all these lessons in practice through a group activity aimed at building a hypothetical minimal service set for a sustainable and successful international office. The following day this set was presented by each group, and there was also a discussion among partners after a lesson on the important role of IRO services and curricula development in the internationalisation process.

Partners also learned how to involve students in the IRO and develop international skills as well as how to structure an IRO.

On the last day, ANTENA partners presented EU international networks EAIE and EUA as well as ADIUT, a national network for international development, as internationalisation opportunities. Partners learned how to build successful strategic international partnerships, as well as how to develop and manage a network and how to provide tools to develop international networks, e.g. ILE project; using COIL as a networking tool.

The last workshop focused on an activity towards learning how to build successful strategic networks in the Philippines

Baguio City, Philippines