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Nov 09, 2022

On 22 and 23 November, ANTENA celebrates its Final Conference: Strengthening Policies and Partnership for the Internationalisation of Education in Philippine HEIs, which will be held in De La Salle University in Manila (Philippines). The conference will also be available to attend online.

At the last conference of our project, we wish to share the best practices and successful results achieved so far thanks to the collaboration of our partners and to all the people involved in any way with the project. There will be time for each partner to synthesize the positive outcomes already achieved as well as those still expected from the end of this project onwards.

In general terms, the main aim of ANTENA’s Final Conference is to boost the visibility of the PHL IN-NET the national level, increase its membership and support, disseminate the project’s objectives and results achieved, promote the IROs created thanks to ANTENA, present the project results achieved to date, promote dialogue on internationalisation of higher education at the national level and foster policy making and funding.

The main objectives sought at the Final Conference are as follows:

  • Present ANTENA’s outcomes achieved
  • Provide a background on what the PHL IN-NET is
  • Discuss the benefits of network membership and attract possible members in the future
  • Promote IROs services created/improved
  • Promote the sustainability of ANTENA’s results through the support and strengthening of the PHL IN-NET.

Moreover, it is expected that the ANTENA PHL IN-NET network will resume contributing to the improvement of internationalisation needs in the Philippine higher education system from this point forward.